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Low spend wedding gift list ideas

low spend wedding gift list

Weddings can be expensive affairs-for the guests as well as the bride and groom! Outfits, travel, hotel rooms, childcare etc can all add up. Many guests would like to be able to give the happy couple something to mark their special day but the added cost is another expense. If you would like to give your guests the opportunity to contribute something but without having to dig too deep into their pockets, then take a look at these ideas for low spend wedding gift lists.

Low spend wedding gift list: Hamper happy

Buy some large wicker baskets and hampers (these can often be found quite cheap at car boot sales) and set them out on a table. Ask guests to bring along something to put in one of the hampers. Some good ideas include tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, jam and chutney, crackers, pate, pasta, and wine.   To make it extra special, consider donating one of the hampers to charity. If you have a large number of guests you could even have a raffle. Give each guest a raffle ticket as part of their table place card or have them choose one from a box. At the end of the night one lucky guest gets to take home one of the hampers!

Low spend wedding gift list: Cooking school

If you and your husband are foodies, how about creating a cookbook based on recipes from your wedding guests? Ask each guest (or couple/family) to bring along their favourite recipe. These could be printed off or handwritten. Have any guests that are not familiar with a kitchen? Ask them to find a recipe from a cookbook in a library or online that they think you would like and bring that along! After the wedding you could combine all of the recipes into a scrapbook and have a lasting memento of your special day. You could even send photographs of your new cookbook to your guests with the thank you cards showing them where they appear in your new publication!

Low spend wedding gift list: Book lovers

Are books more your thing? Ask guests to scour their bookcases and bring along a book as a gift. Novels, non-fiction, travel guides, cookbooks-anything goes! Set up a small bookcase in the reception venue and guests can come and add their gift to one of the shelves. You can watch your new book collection grow! If there are any duplicates or books you already have then you could donate them to a local charity shop. To make it extra special, you could have guests write a little message on the inside cover of the book.

Low spend wedding gift list: Grow some love

Every home needs plants! If you are particularly green fingered you could ask guests to contribute a plant or some seeds. If you have a garden, you could create a wish list of the types of plants/fruit/vegetables that you would like to grow and guests could choose from a selection of different seeds. If you are limited on space, ask guests to bring a small, potted houseplant instead. Set up a small wheelbarrow or trug at the reception venue and guests can add their contribution to it.

Low spend wedding gift list: Hygge heaven

Hygge is still big news, so how about incorporating it into your gift list? This must be one of the best ways to start married life! Create a hygge wish list including things such as candles, big mugs, house plants, hot chocolate, cake, cozy socks, indoor fairy lights, cushion covers and throws to inspire guests. Encourage guests to be creative and choose anything that they associate with being cozy at home. Set up some scandi-style wooden boxes at the reception venue for guests to add their gifts to.

I hope you found this low spend gift list useful. If you choose any of the above for your own special day then do share your photos and experiences and tag @thegreenbrideblog on Instagram!

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