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Lavender sugar wedding favours: DIY tutorial

lavender sugar wedding favours

This tutorial will show you how to make lavender sugar wedding favours. Flavoured sugars make pretty and useful gifts. Sugar absorbs the flavours of botanicals allowing you to add a sweet hint of the flower to your baking. Flavoured sugars are particularly delicious sprinkled on top of cakes, ice-cream and scones. Alternatively you can replace a tablespoon’s worth of caster sugar from a recipe with the flavoured sugar to give a delicate taste to your bakes. For a naughty treat, dip the rim of a cocktail glass into the sugar-yum!

lavender sugar wedding favours

What you will need to make your lavender sugar wedding favours:

  • Culinary Lavendar
  • Caster Sugar
  • Weighing scale
  • Measuring spoon
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Pretty jars and lids

Growing your lavender

There are a number of different types of lavender-in fact there about 39! (If you ever find yourself in Maui be sure to visit the lavender farm which features many of them https://aliikulalavender.com/). Not all lavenders are great for eating though. French lavenders are better suited for making scented products such as soaps whereas English lavenders are the best choice for culinary purposes. You can grow lavender from seed but to ensure good results, and to save yourself some time, consider buying small, lavender plants.

Lavender is well suited for growing in pots. Make sure there is plenty of drainage at the bottom of the pot by adding a layer of small stones or pebbles. Use a good quality compost to fill the pot. Lavender prefers free-draining soil so mix in a few handfuls of horticultural sand into the pot as well. Grow each lavender plant in a 30cm pot.

You will need to place your pots where they will get a lot of sun-choose the sunniest part of your garden or sunniest windowsill in your house. Water the plants sporadically-remember lavender traditionally comes from hot countries so they can cope with being hot and dry. Be careful not to over-water them but don’t allow the pots to completely dry out.

To harvest your lavender you will need a pair of pruners or a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the stems of the lavender in the morning of a sunny day. Place the lavender stems onto some kitchen towel and make sure they are dry before moving onto making your lavender sugar.

Making your lavender sugar wedding favours

The amount of sugar you will need will depend on how big you want your lavender sugar wedding favours to be. The best way to work out how much sugar you need is to see how much sugar it takes to fill one of your chosen jars. Weigh the jar before and after adding the sugar. Calculate how much sugar it takes to fill one of your jars and then multiply this by the number of jars you need to fill.

Put the lavender flowers into a pestle and mortar and grind them a few times to help release the scent. Pour the caster sugar into a large mixing bowl. Add 8 tablespoons of lavender per 1kg of sugar (you may need to make your lavender sugar wedding favours in batches if you need to make a large amount). Mix together well.

Pour the sugar into the jars (using a jug and a funnel will help with this part). Screw the lid on tight and add any labels or ribbon etc that you want to use. Place the finished jars somewhere cool and dark. Your lavender sugar wedding favours are ready to use straight away but the flavours will become stronger if you leave them for a few weeks.

lavender sugar wedding favours


You can also make rose flavoured sugar using the same method.

I hope you found this tutorial for making lavender sugar wedding favours useful! Please share this post to help inspire others and if you do make some lavender sugar wedding favours then do share a photo on Instagram and tag @thegreenbrideblog . I’d love to see your creations!

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